I currently offer my holistic healing services, through the combination of Reiki, EFT and Ho’oponopono, remotely.

The three therapies I use (usually, at the same time), are Ho’oponopono, Reiki and EFT. All three can be applied at a distance, with Reiki being especially effective in this way.

The first session is initially with Reiki:

Health problems result from “emotional wounds” that began in childhood and have not been resolved. These originate through traumatic experiences in the first years of life.

At the time of the trauma, a blockage occurs in the body’s energy system; specifically, in the chakras. The reason for this is to protect oneself from “external threats”. But these energetic blockages, if left untreated, end up generating health problems. That is why the first session is always with Reiki. To unblock energy.

In addition, it happens that this energetic block keeps the trauma alive in the subconscious, so when we treat the energetic block, we also free the patient from their trauma, so we gain in health and happiness.

Ho’oponopono is a spiritual technique created by Dr. Hew Len, Hawaiian psychologist, that works the traumas from the patient’s subconscious, so I also use it, generally, during the Reiki session.

For distance Reiki sessions, we can communicate, via chat or video chat, voice conversation… Actually eye contact is not necessary, unless the client prefers it because they feel more comfortable, as they like to see whom they are dealing with.

The session consists of talking a bit at the beginning about what you want to be treated. Afterwards, I will ask you to lie down in a comfortable place where you won’t feel cold, because you will need to relax as much as possible.

At this point, I will indicate you that the session is about to begin and that I will let you know again when it is finished. At that moment, you should leave the cell phone or PC or whatever you are using to communicate with me, get comfortable, lie down, and close your eyes. At that precise moment, the session will begin and you will enter into a very deep state of relaxation that will allow me to connect with your subconscious and I will be able to connect with that information that is relevant to your healing.

Keep in mind that your soul, or Higher Self, is the one who allows all of this to take place and it is It who will select what information I can access. You will always be in control, albeit at an unconscious level. I mean that I will only access what is relevant to your healing.

During the session, a “scan” is usually done to all the chakras; including the spiritual ones, which are four above the head, and one below the feet. I have information about this on my blog.

12 chakra chart

In addition to the “scanning”, I will heal whatever needs to be healed and that your Higher Self allows; and the disconnection will take place when this is indicated to me.

I will then let you know that the session is over and proceed to write you a report on what I have “seen” and what has happened during the session.

This can take up to an hour and a half (between the initial conversation, the session and the debriefing).

The changes that occur with this type of therapy are so profound, it will take you a few days to see the effects. But you will see them. Generally, they become more noticeable after the first week, so a session is usually applied every one or two weeks.

EFT is usually used as a support to the previous therapy, to finish healing that which, because it has been rooted in us for so many years, has not been completely “detached” with the Reiki session. It is used to treat traumas and negative behaviors at a very specific level.

You will begin to experience the changes gradually over the days. You will experience them as a change within yourself. A change of perception, of way of thinking… And the physical problems will disappear. Many health problems usually need treatment for a certain period of time. But I cannot foresee how long. Anyway, you are free to continue receiving therapy or stop it, and to decide when you want the next session. Keep in mind that the changes that occur internally will be reflected externally: your life will begin to change in some way (for the better) and you have to get used to that.

 That is why it is best for the client to choose how much therapy they want and at what pace.

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