Reiki and EFT / TFT are therapies based on the hypothesis of the existence of an energy field, known as the ‘energy body’ that surrounds the physical body and that is sustained thanks to the continuous transformations of energy that occur in a living organism. In this hypothesis, in the organism there are specific channels through which energy circulates (of an indeterminate nature from the point of view of physics) and centers in which it accumulates especially. This ones are known as chakras (in Sanskrit language) or meridians. These energy centers have direct communication channels with the outside as much in the back part as front of the body. If these communication channels are blocked, the body will manifest it in the form of illness and emotional distress. The aim of Reiki and the EFT / TFT is, and always from the hypothesis of the Chinese medicine, to return the physical and mental health through the progressive unblocking of the ways of communication of the chakras with the outside chakras from right side

The origin of the traumas:

Psychology holds that it is not an experience that can be painful to a person, but the conclusion that the person gets from it. We also trust in the hypothesis that, in the same moment in which a negative emotion is experienced, there is a blockage in the energy field of the body that can last for life. This energy block is responsible for the fact that the emotion of a painful experience of the past can not be released by the client. That is to say, the emotional wound is still considered open. As a result of that negative emotion that has caused the person to suffer (or the conclusion drawn from it), they will adopt a behavior in the face of eventual similar experiences of avoidance, which constitutes an adaptation to the environment, and which in reality represents a limitation in the possibilities of that person as a human being. To apply, both Reiki and/or EFT / TFT on energetic blocks related to a trauma of the past, allows the subconscious to release the negative emotion that is what maintains a certain pattern of behavior. A pattern of behavior that, in some way, is limiting in the life of the client who comes to us. If the negative emotion associated with the memory of a traumatic experience of the past is released, the pattern of limiting behavior (such as a limiting belief) will be automatically discarded by the client and they will be completely freed from their mental attachment. They will feel at peace with the memory, because at that moment they will have accepted and forgiven the past experience.

Special mention to the law of attraction:

One of our axioms of life is the idea that a thought, if it is attached to a sufficiently intense emotion, is capable of becoming real. It is the principle of the famous ‘Law of Attraction’. The Law of Attraction tries to give an explanation to the experiences that, from the theory of the existence of the concept of ‘luck’, is a matter of pure chance. From the Law of Attraction, there is no lived experience that is the product of chance, but a thought made reality. The thoughts that create an undesirable reality are limiting beliefs that we are not aware of, and information stored in the subconscious. The release of this information and the entire burden of limiting beliefs will lead to the creation of a happier life. Or, understood it from the old paradigm of the existence of luck, a life with much better luck.

Our experience has shown us that harmful information from the subconscious can be released through Reiki by working directly on energy blockages in the chakras and, more specifically, with EFT / TFT.

The usefulness of positive thinking:

From our experience, the repetition of positive phrases for a person who wants to radically change an aspect of their life that is not going well, is a way to set the course for a thorough treatment of limiting beliefs and other information lodged in the subconscious, taking as tools, Reiki and the EFT / TFT; but, generally, they are not healers in themselves. The most common thing is that the client is reluctant to change their restrictive behavior patterns, because it has not released the specific trauma of the past that made them adopt that negative pattern. Reiki and EFT / TFT promise to be tools of emotional liberation and, consequently, of abandonment of limiting beliefs or behaviors.

A farewell message: please, do not just believe anything that has been said here. Instead, experience it in your life. What works in your life, may be considered a truth for you. We have already experienced it and that is why we trust it.

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