Reiki is a technique that consists of “laying hands” on the client’s body. By “laying on of hands” we mean either physically placing the hands on the client’s body, or holding them a few centimeters above the client’s body, without actually touching.

The idea of Reiki is to connect the client with the “Universal Energy”, as it is called here, so that it heals where it is to be healed. From the point of view of the Reiki practitioner, it is to “connect” with a state of peace similar to that reached in a meditation session and, through his hands, “induce” in the client, lying on a stretcher, a state similar to that which the Reiki practitioner has connected a few moments before. From the point of view of spirituality (not necessarily religion), it is asking God to heal what is to be healed and the Reikist is a simple inducer of the process, and, at the same time, a spectator of it.

An attempt to explain what happens in this situation and to be able to justify the results obtained, is to speak of the electromagnetic fields that surround the body and that are the result of the continuous nerve impulses throughout the body, and that occur in a living organism:

The body’s nerve impulses are, at bottom, electrical currents of ions, variable in time, which induce an electromagnetic field in their proximity.  So far, it’s all science.

What follows is the hypothesis: healthy organs are said to have their electromagnetic field always at a higher frequency than a diseased one. What the Reikist is supposed to do when applying Reiki on a damaged organ, is to make its electromagnetic field vibrate at the frequency of the Reikist’s hands; since, previously, and through meditation, the Reikist has raised his own energetic vibration or is doing so during the healing session. This theory says that if we “force” the diseased organ to vibrate at the frequency of the healthy organs, it will heal. The Reikist’s own hands, which are supposed to be healthy, are also supposedly at a higher frequency than the damaged organ and it will be the damaged organ that will be brought to the frequency of a healthy one.

 This theory has not yet been scientifically proven. Eventhough, the syncronitation of two (or more) oscillating systems; which would be: one the healer electromagnetic field vibrating at a high frequency, and another, the client’s hurt organ or tissue, vibrating at a lower one, is something real.  To understand, from a physical point of view, why two bodies (or parts of), vibrating in a different frequency can synchronise to a common unique one, I invite you to watch this video:

 More unusual, if possible, is distant healing:

In a distance healing session, the Reikist and the client are not physically in the same room. They can, in fact, be at any distance. As an example, I once treated one person who was in Sri Lanka and another, for months, on the West Coast of the USA, while I, in both cases, was in Dublin.

As I said, the session consists of agreeing on a time when the client lies down somewhere where he is comfortable, such as his own bed, wrapped up so as not to get cold, relax as much as possible and the Reikist, from wherever he is, will sit down, put the palms of his hands together in prayer position and begin to visualize that he is next to the patient and is practicing the session in person.

In other words, the Reiki practitioner imagines the Reiki session as if he/she were performing it live. The client, when the “connection” occurs, (moment in which the Reikist is visualizing the beginning of the session), begins to relax more deeply and, according to what they later say, some fall asleep and others say “they have been asleep, but aware of everything that was happening around them”. This is a description that coincides with a state of first degree hypnosis. This can be reported by people who are not alone at home and have been able to pay attention to what they heard outside the room, but at the same time, with the sensation of being asleep.

The explanation that tries to be given in this case, from science, is even more risky than the previous one. It is said that the Reiki-client connection is the result of “quantum entanglement”. This concept comes from quantum physics and is observed when a subatomic particle is divided into two; moving them hundreds of kilometers away from each other in a particle accelerator (such as CERN, in Switzerland, for example), and it is observed that, if the quantum states of one are altered, automatically, those of the other are also altered. The effect, the scientists say, is instantaneous, the propagation of this alteration from one particle to the other being, therefore, faster than the speed of light.

The reason for turning to this phenomenon, which belongs to the subatomic world, to explain the results obtained through distant healing, appears through the Big Bang theory: in the beginning, the entire Universe was condensed into a particle the size of a pea which, when it exploded, gave rise to all the matter in the Universe. It is assumed that there is a connection between all the atoms of everything that makes up the Universe, since they were all, in the beginning, a single particle. This includes the atoms that make up our bodies, and is therefore similar to what is observed in the aforementioned experiment in the particle accelerator. Logically, this is only a theory; like the Big Bang theory itself.

The only thing that is a verifiable fact is the experiment of the division of a particle into two others and the alteration of their quantum states at the same time when only one of them is affected.

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