Improving Social skills: Melanie

(Name and location is fictional to preserve privacy) 

Melanie is a woman in her forties, located in the East Coast of the U.S. We spent around two months and a half of weekly Reiki sessions.

After more than a month of therapy, we started to notice changes on an emotional level. I have to say, I didn’t treat emotional issues specifically, like what we do with E.F.T.; but in the sessions, I always “fix” what doesn’t “look” right (chakra blockages and things like that).

For example; when I was performing the initial chakra scan, I could see images attached to specific chakras. I mean, when working on her 11th chakra above her head, for example; I happened to “see” a “video sequence” of her that she confirmed later to belong to an event of her past. In that scene, I wasn’t seeing her happy so that I realised that I had to keep healing her 11th chakra (from the front vortex) until  that image would dissolve; as it later on happened.

Each week she would tell me what progress she had observed on a physical or emotional level since the latter session:


A couple of strange things have been happening to me lately: I have some anxiety and I keep stepping out of my comfort zone socially speaking. I mean, I’ve always isolated myself a lot. But lately I’ve been reaching out to people. It’s strange and new… It’s like something has healed inside of me that allows me to feel free to connect with people.
But this new feeling of wanting to connect makes me feel butterflies in my stomach!
Oh, and I’ve lost 20 pounds of weight. I went on a ketogenic diet to deal with the side effects of (…) and I noticed that I lost weight.
But whatever you did in the previous session, it changed something big in my ability to be more social. It’s been great. Thank you.
I’m still dealing with (…) but my creativity has been amazing. I feel so much gratitude!”

As the conversation continued, what she was stating was that the weight loss had suddenly started to happen effortlessly.

To understand how the psyche can influence even the body’s metabolism, my former spiritual teacher related the following case he treated as a healer:


A girl in her early twenties comes to him because she is unable to lose weight. Diets seem to have little effect. The client treats the problem with EFT, and, suddenly, the following memory from the past comes up: as a teenager, she was among the first to develop her body as a woman, compared to the rest of the girls in her class. Some boys not only began to notice her and her attributes, but touched her and sexually harassed her. During therapy, they came to the conclusion that her subconscious understood that, in order to be “safe” from such attacks, she could not have an attractive body; because that seemed to be the source of the problem. So her mind “decides” to put on weight to escape the ordeal.
By applying EFT to this case, the energetic blockage she suffered in the traumatic situations she experienced as a child (the bullying towards her) is “knocked down”. After that, she manages to release the emotional pain, fruit of that trauma and that keeps the memory as such, and finally manages to be at peace with that event of her past. From then on, her metabolism returns to normal.

In nutrition, people are advised not to go on diets that, because they are too strict, lead the patient to starve. The reason given is that the body, or the mind, or the psyche or whatever we want to call it, will interpret that we are facing a shortage of food and therefore, will slow down the metabolism to preserve our reserves as much as possible; thus, making the effectiveness of the diet more difficult. That is to say, it seems to be proven that the metabolism is under control of the brain and it accelerates or slows down depending on the situation; interpreting this, a non-real situation (the diet is not a real lack of food), as such, and acting accordingly for our survival.

This explanation, by the way, is the basis of the German New Medicine, discovered by Dr. Rike Gerd Hamer.

Connecting to the client's subconscious: Kamila

(Kamila has allowed her story and dialog transcription to be published).

I met Kamila on a Friday and we decided to meet up for the weekend. Or that was the plan initially; but she had a strong flu that day so it was going to be postponed. This conversation happens, each from their own home but in the same city. I decide to give her a Reiki session. As I always do after each session, I tell her what I have “seen”: what I call “connecting with the client’s subconscious”.

Text transcription:


– As I wrote in the other report, I always imagine that Jesus Christ will be with me during the healing.

(what you are about to read now, is the description of a visualisation because this was a distant healing session. Things are not imagined; they just come up as part of the visualization):


– This is really good, I love Jesus

– You were lying on the massage table. Dressed in black like in your pictures. I started touching your shoulders to give you energy. That’s the way we do it in Kundalini Reiki.
Suddenly I felt your body like a black shadow. Very cold.

– I am wearing all black!

– I needed to keep you on the table, like you were planning to escape or something. I even grabbed your body so you couldn’t move.
But you weren’t really moving.
I understood that you knew I could connect to your innermost side. To your secrets; and you wouldn’t let me do it. You are protecting your inner self to prevent anyone from harming you. By the way, that’s something I share with you. And maybe that’s why I chose to heal you today. You are a mirror of me in many ways and that is one of them. Healing you means healing myself.
Since this procedure wasn’t working, I decided that Jesus would do the healing for me.
He put his hands on your shoulders, as I was doing, but it was impossible to make it flow through your body.
So I decided to use the sacred Usui Reiki symbol, Dai Ko Myo, that’s what it’s called.
It is a sacred symbol. For me, it means something like: please God, do this healing yourself because I have no idea how to do it. And believe me, it works.
So, I draw a DKM symbol above your head. I felt it was working. You were finding it difficult to allow the energy to go to you. But I kept insisting.
A little later, I felt that I could enlarge that symbol, even over your head, taking it to the different soul chakras that we all have over our heads.
It was working.
Then, I felt it was time to try to re-energise you through the shoulders.
It wasn’t working very well, so Jesus decided to go down to your feet and apply energy to your soles.
We started to get the energy flowing finally.
From head to toe.
I understood that your overweight is due to that blockage that doesn’t allow the energy to flow through your body.
I drew a special Karuna Reiki symbol for the root chakra, where Jesus was working.
It facilitated the process.
I went back to your shoulders while Jesus was still on your feet.
The colour of your body started to change to, sort of a brownish colour.
Then, it was getting lighter than it was at first.
First your shoulders, then a little bit more to the rest of your body.
When your whole body went from black to dark brown, I felt that it was enough for today.
That you could not accept any more energy in that session.
Conclusion: I think you are going to lose some weight this week. Like one or two kilos.
And that’s it.
What do you think?

– Oh my God!
I think this makes a lot of sense.
Sorry for my English…
I can’t say what I really want to say because of that.
But everything you said is what happens

– Is it really?
Good to know, my friend.
If there is something you can’t express in English, try Portuguese and I will use Google translator if necessary.

– Yes!!! (originally written in Portuguese by her. Translated to English for the transcription)
Unfortunately I couldn’t concentrate as I should, here at home people were noisy and I also didn’t know when you would send me a text message, so there were moments when I ended up “waking up”, my mind was scattered too. Maybe that’s why it was so hard to stay there. Still I felt a deep relaxation, there was a moment when I saw a blue light… It was in the first 10 minutes I think. Towards the end I saw a white light.

– Wow, Kamila, really impressive.
Thank you for sharing it, really.

– Another thing that makes sense is that I am very closed to my feelings, I hide too deep and can’t even find them sometimes.


She wrote me the day after, on Saturday morning, she and told me that she was feeling much better. She had recovered much quicker that usual than when her body heals itself without the help of a ‘booster’ like Reiki. So we could eventually see each other that weekend.

Do spells or negative energies exist? The case of Edeline Fabiola

(Edeline Fabiona has allowed her story and dialog transcription to be published).


– You are lying in bed. Let’s say on a massage table.

You are dressed like in your profile picture.

I tried to visualise you in other clothes, like a white T-shirt, but I felt more comfortable seeing you exactly as in that picture.

I put my hands between your shoulders and your neck. On your collarbone.

That is how we proceed in Kundalini Reiki. That is the starting point.

Suddenly it is as if you were given a shock, while you were still asleep, that moved your body upwards making you open your eyes for a second, as if startled. As if a wave of electricity shook your whole body. As if an evil spirit had been released from inside your body.

At that moment I saw a dense grey cloud on your body. A cloud that had come out of it. Staying at the same height as my heart (I am standing and you are on the bed). I had to disperse that cloud, so I gave it energy. It was sticky. It wanted to enter my body through my heart chakra.

I put my hands in between to prevent it. I drew a symbol that I channelled a while ago. I put it in the middle of the room. It began to draw the cloud towards itself and the cloud began to whirl around the symbol like a cyclone.

As that was not being helpful in removing it, I invoked the master symbol DKM (Dy Ko Myo).

In his presence, the cloud finally disappeared.

The energy of your body was still in a dark colour. I put my hands again on your shoulders, this time without touching them. Just on them. I understood that the dark colour was related to the cloud I had removed earlier and that it was all related to anger.

By applying energy on your shoulders, the dark colour started to lighten. The body became lighter in colour, except in and around the heart chakra. Everything became light again, except your heart chakra, I also saw the same darkness on your face, covering everything.

A blockage in both the sixth chakra and the heart chakra which are related. So I put my left hand on your face and my right hand on your heart.

After a few minutes of doing this, I started to feel that you needed the DKM symbol to be applied on both points, so I did it. I did it until I started to feel that you did not admit any more energy in both places. That this was enough. It is your body or your soul saying ‘no more healing for this session, please’.

Keep in mind that the body needs to readjust to the new (energetic) unblocking situation and that cannot be done completely in one session. So both areas are now less blocked than before, but not completely (unblocked).

This happens to all of us. This means that one session does not solve all problems for anyone. Then I started to fall asleep. It was as if I had reached a state of meditation that put me to sleep for a few seconds.

I am not sure what this really means, but I think it is related to the end of the healing of the receiver (of the energy) during that session. It is as if it happens when the client has already reached some state of energy and emotional balance and harmony. That is another sign that shows that it is enough for today.

I tried to disconnect about 3 different times. Asking you. But you didn’t want to.

You felt so comfortable that you didn’t want me to disconnect.

I tried to scan your chakras, but your body didn’t really accept anything else. But, at the same time, you didn’t accept the disconnection.

I gave you a little more energy in your crown chakra, I made you “smaller” so that you were smaller so I could wrap my hands around your whole body and apply energy easily. Something I cannot do with your actual size.

And after wrapping your body with that white energy coming from Source, I decided to disconnect.

And that was all. Any comments or questions?


– At the beginning of the session I feel the energy flowing between my ears and then a slight warmth in my right foot and knee. Tingling in the left side of the leg. Heaviness in the third eye. After the session it was fine.

After a while, I fell asleep. I woke up and then felt a slight pain in my left arm.

I decided to open my eyes for 50min.

Why bad spirit?

– Well, that’s more of a symbol. I don’t believe in the existence of such things. It’s like the “bad” feelings you can have sometimes; something to do with your personality, because of someone else. Someone else’s experiences. Usually parents.

So I think it’s symbolic. I wouldn’t worry too much.

Anything else? Do you think what I’ve told you matches your reality in any way? No need to go into details if you don’t want to. All this information is for yourself. For your own benefit.

– Maybe it could be my belief for 12 years. My ex did black magic ceremony on me 12 years ago. But a medium took the curse off me.
– Maybe the psychic healing didn’t work and that’s why that thing was still inside and that’s what I took from you today.

– Almost every year I dream about him that I am so worried if he really disconnected. When I tell some mediums online about it, they say there is no more and that it is just my belief that causes the dream.

– I think this time you will really feel released.

– He did the ceremony so that I will always be connected to him and with love. After he did that, I broke up with him, as he wants there to be other women in his life too. The whole event actually caused trauma.

– I think that’s over now.

– Yeah, maybe. I think the trauma and the pain is the dark energy.

– I do think so.

– Last year he got married, but I don’t know why I felt so emotionally disturbed. I felt anger and pain because what he had done years ago was not fair to me. Maybe that is the reason why the heart chakra is blocked.

Well, thank you very much for the healing session. First time I have tried kundalini Reiki.


My pleasure to help. 

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