A brief summary about Ho’oponopono Principles:

by Francisco José de Torres. Master in Usui, Kundalini and Karuna Ki Reiki. Ho’oponopono and EFT practitioner.

(This article needs to be updated).

Your are 100% creator, so responsible (but not guilty) of your life.

The entire life is your own creation. So, whatever ‘happens’ to you, is your creation. Experiences you live with more people involved, are also their creations. So, you can say that you are co-creating together. This also means that you are not a victim of anything, because you are the creator of the experience. So, it is not that things happen to you. It is that you create them.

You can create aware, or you can create ‘by default’. And that’s the way we usually create: By default. This means that we have memories on our subconscious, plus (limiting) believes, plus programs that are, all together, creating what is being created by default. So, every time you are living a certain kind of experience that bothers you, that is disgusting, sad… That you don’t like, is because of that information mentioned before.

In ho’oponopono, nobody heals anybody:


 You only heal yourself. When you live a certain kind of experience with another person or people, there are one or more programs, shared by all of you, that are making you all create that experience that you are living at that precise moment. That’s why you can consider them all, mirrors of yourself. It is said that those programs are in our DNA. They are in that 90% that is supposed to be rubbish DNA because is not supposed to carry any ‘relevant’ information about heritage. So, no information about the future color of your eyes, nor anything like that. But they say that all the information lived by our ancestors is located there. Or our past lives. And that’s why, from the very beginning of your life, you start having experiences. ‘Bad’ ones sometimes, ‘good’ ones others. Because, let’s say, from a first experience of rejection in your childhood, for example, you might expect that to happen over and over again and that expectation would justify, through the Law of Attraction, that you are attracting, so, creating, any other experience of rejection to your life. Because of that first one that happened to you. But the question here then, should be: ‘well, so, what does create my first experience that makes me have a certain kind of future expectations that will create the rest of my experiences?’ Those programs in our DNA (where the information of our subconscious is supposed to reside), that have been inherited from our (past lives? Ancestors?), are the real origin. And that’s exactly what ho’oponopono heals. Those programs. Or memories. Whatever they call them.

We are all mirrors of each other:

So, when you are experiencing something with somebody, you both have one or more programs (or called them memories) in common and that’s why you are both co-creating that experience. You have it, and that’s why you are living that issue, and the other person/people as well, and that’s why they are them, and not others, the ones that are giving you that experience. So, let’s say that they are showing you something inside you that you need (and for sure, wish) to heal.

You initially don’t know which memory or memories are creating that kind of experience.

And that’s something good from ho’oponopono, because, in other therapies, like EFT, for example, you need to know what exactly causes something you are dealing with, in other to solve it.

The person shows something that it is inside you because it is a shared program (memory) among both of you…

Will not do it anymore when you get healed of them. This can happen in three ways (and this is very important because it will let you understand why it is said that ho’oponopono only heals yourself, not anybody else initially). I mean, there are three ways in which someone stops showing you (acting as a mirror of you) certain behavior or whatever bothers you:

  • The person or other people involved in that certain experience, stops showing you that/those program/s (a certain experience you are living might be created by more than one program, not just by one, but we don’t know about them); because they get healed:

    Great! That means that you ‘have healed’ that person as well. This is what it was suppose to happen to the patients of that psychiatric hospital where Dr. Hew Len, developer of ho’oponopono, worked. They all got healed and could go home. I think this is something that happen with the members of our family. They get healed as well. Following what it’s said about reincarnation, our souls decide to have a life together as a family to help each other to improve and heal. So, I’m almost sure that they will heal when we use ho’oponopono to heal what they are showing us through an experience. You should consider it a ‘side effect’ of your own healing. But not the main purpose.

  • They stop showing us something that has got healed inside, just because they stop behaving that same way with us, from now on:
    But they still have those programs inside them. It’s just that they don’t show them to us. They stop behaving with us, as they used to.

  • They disappear from our lives:
    Yes, that’s another way of not showing us what they were sharing before. This obviously mean that they haven’t got healed from that (or those) memories. You can consider that people souls that just had the mission of showing up in our lives to point to a certain kind of issue we were needing to heal. Maybe another deal from our souls before coming to birth.

Instructions (and what they mean):

So, we can understand that we have ‘called’ those souls, that people, to come to our lives in order they help us discovering our own issues pending to heal, by pointing to them through the experiences they live with us. So the healing process is about apologing to them about that and asking those programs to be removed. There is an ‘extended’ version of the process that you can find in the book ‘Zero Limits’, by Joe Vitale that says something like:

Sorry for making you coming to my life (sorry that you have been ‘selected’ to suffer that kind of behavior to make me be aware of what I was needing to heal).

Please, (I ask my Divine part of me to) cleanse that or those programs that are creating this experience and to be transmuted to pure Light.

If that can be (this means that I leave to my higher Being to decide what it has to be healed here and when it should be).    

And I know it is already done (this is a manifestation of Faith. You are sure that something has happen inside you through this healing to help you).

Sorry (this means to be aware of having something to cleanse inside you).

Forgive me (this is specifically asking our higher Being to cleanse. Our Divinity inside, God or whatever you believe in; but something that has the power of healing, anyway. Something or somebody that, as you ask for something, it is given to you).

I love you (a expression of love which is a connection of that piece of God, or Divinity -or consider your own soul- that is pure love and is performing the cleansing. It is said that God is pure love, so, you are invoking It)

Thank you (this expresses your faith in the healing. That it is already done). So, sorry, forgive me, I love you, thank you, if you watch carefully, it is some kind of shorten version of the points 1 to 4 given above.

Now my own way that is giving me results:

When I’m living an unpleasant experience with somebody, something that is making me suffer (making me get angry, sad…) I understand that they are like a characters on a play that are behaving the way they are at that precise moment, just to do me the favor of pointing to something I (really and truly) wish to heal. I can see them as victims just acting in that certain way to point to a program or programs that I need to heal. In an super-conscious way (let’s say as a decision of their souls), they know what they are doing, but from a conscious point of view, they don’t. They are ‘victims’ of that experience, behaving the way they are doing so, just to help me. Keeping this point of view in mind, I imagine that I’m addressing to them and I say:

I’m sorry (that you had to come to my life to point me to that certain program I wanted to heal but without your knowledge).

Forgive me (because you are just behaving like that because I have memories to heal that are attracting you to do so). This point is crucial: at this moment I, somehow, visualize ‘programs’ or ‘memories’ like something in white color that are

responsible of attracting that person to live all this experience.

I love you (because you show me those memories/programs).

Thank you (for making the healing of this program possible).

Last words:


Ho’oponopono it’s really a magical tool. But not easy at all. For the most painful experiences, you may just feel a victim that is not aware of this magical process in where the other person is just acting, performing a character and where the script is/are your memories (programs). You ask them to be healed by saying sorry to that person on your mind. I mean, not in loud voice. Sorry to them to be living the experience of making you aware of what you need (and wish) to heal. That experience is your creation and you are asking those programs to be removed and turned into Light for ever. And you can do it. Not your thinking mind. This is: not your ego. Your Real You. You Divine part of you. Your soul? The ‘piece’ of God your really are? Whatever is also a part of you that is Perfect and can do the healing. I can do everything you wish. To that Divine part of us we, the Reiki healers invoke every time we give Reiki to somebody.

When ho’oponopono happens to be too difficult for a certain situation, you need a ‘plan B’. Like EFT, Reiki… something easier that is not affected by the intensity of a certain feeling.


Zero Limits by Joe Vitale (the ho’oponopono manual).

The secret of quantum living by Dr. Frank Kinslow

Ask and it will be given by Esther and Jerry Hicks

The power of now by Eckhart Toll